Psychological Resilience and Life Satisfaction of Healthcare Professionals in Turkey: The Mediating Role of Fear of COVID

Yalçın Karagöz, ismail Durak, Hakan Tahiri Mutlu Full Text: PDF


COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating consequences as psychological traumas especially for healthcare professionals, who play an active role and are at greatest risk in this process. It is important to protect their health to prevent the health system from collapsing. The purpose of this study is to reveal the mediating role of coronavirus fear in the effect of psychological resilience on life satisfaction. coronavirus fear, psychological resilience, and life satisfaction scales were applied to 414 healthcare professionals in 36 provinces of Turkey. The findings show that the increase in the fear of coronavirus decreases the levels of psychological resilience and life satisfaction, whereas the increase in psychological resilience increases the level of life satisfaction. The results suggest that coronavirus fear may contribute to understanding the association between psychological resilience and life satisfaction among healthcare professionals. 

Keywords: Fear of COVID-19; psychological resilience; life satisfaction; path analysis; healthcare professionals