Professional Help-Seeking Attitudes of Counselors-In-Training

  • Kübra Civan Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı
  • Özlem Haskan Avcı Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Eğitim Bilimleri Bölümü, Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik Anabilim Dalı
Keywords: help seeking, psychological support, students of psychological counseling and guidance, psychological counseling


This research is a descriptive study examining university students’ attitudes studying at the Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) undergraduate program in Turkey. Research participants are 416 subjects (333 females, 83 males) from various universities. The Attitude Scale for Getting Psychological Help and Personal Information Form collected data. Multivariate analysis of variance, Scheffe Test for multiple comparisons, and t-test analysis for independent samples were used. As a result of the research, it was found that age, academic achievement level, class level, type and duration of psychological counseling assistance previously received, type of assistance received by participants’ family members who had previously received psychological counseling help, and the environment that the participants and their families lived in had a significant impact. In addition, it was found that the participant’s attitudes towards receiving help differ significantly according to the variables of gender, the state of having had psychological counseling practice, their willingness when choosing the department, the status of the department suitable for their personality, interests, and abilities, and satisfaction with the department.