Exploring the Effects of Social Skills Psycho-Education Program Developed for Gifted Middle School Students on Students’ Social Skills

Zeynep Karataş, Özlem Tagay Full Text: PDF


In this study, it is aimed to prepare a social skill program that can be used for gifted middle school students. In this context, this study is an experimental study conducted with 24 gifted middle school students (12 students experimental group, 12 students control group) studying at Burdur Science and Arts Center (SAC). In the study, the social skill scale developed for gifted secondary school students was used. Mann Whitney U test and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test, which are non-parametric tests, were used to test the effectiveness of the experimental study. As a result of the psycho-education program developed to increase the social skills of gifted middle school students was implemented for 10 weeks. After the pre-test, post-test and follow-up measurements, it has been shown that it is an effective program for increasing the social skills of gifted middle school students.

Keywords: Gifted Students, Social Skills, Psycho-Education, Social Skills Psycho-Education Program