Adaptation of Collective Resilience Scale to Turkish Culture and Examination of its Psychometric Properties

İbrahim Dalmış, Seher Akdeniz, Erdal Hamarta Full Text: PDF


In this study, it was aimed to examine the psychometric properties of the Collective Resilience Scale by adapting it to Turkish culture. The sample of the study consisted of 602 participants between 18 and 66 years of age, 311 of them being females and 291 males. In consequence of the confirmatory factor analysis conducted to examine the factor structure of the scale, it was determined that the fit indices were within acceptable values. Reliability analysis results indicated an adequate confidence interval. In consequence of the research, it was determined that the Collective Resilience Scale is a valid and reliable measurement and data collection tool that can be used in academic and field studies. The findings were discussed within the framework of the literature and various suggestions were made.

Keywords: Collective Resilience Scale, Reliability, Validity