Investigation of the Relationship Among Childhood Traumas and Self-Harming Behaviours, Depression, Psychoform and Somatoform Dissociation in Female University Students

Eda Ermağan-Çağlar, Erdinç Öztürk, Görkem Derin, Tuğba Türk-Kurtça Full Text: PDF


The aim of this study is to determine the predictive role of childhood traumas on self-harming behaviours, depression, psychoform, and somatoform dissociation in female university students. This study was conducted with 314 female university students. It was evaluated that the differentiation of psychoform dissociation as an independent variable, varied based on negative or positive taxonomy in terms of dependent variables as well as the predictive effect of childhood traumas. It was found that childhood trauma predicted psychoform dissociation experienced in adulthood, and emotional abuse predicted amnestic dissociation, absorption and psychoform dissociation. The findings of the study differed from other studies, especially with clinical samples, and childhood traumas were positively correlated with psychoform dissociation and negatively associated with somatoform dissociation. The findings also emphasise the importance of certain correlations between childhood trauma and self-harming behaviours in a non-clinical sample group, such as female university students, as well as clinical samples. 

Keywords: Childhood Trauma; Female University Students; Self-Harming Behaviours; Depression; Dissociation; Somatoform Dissociation