The Evaluation of The Relationships Between Subjective Well-Being Level of Married Individuals, Humor Styles, Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs, and Marital Adjustment

Meryem Kulaber Demirci, Hatice Odacı Full Text: PDF


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between subjective well-being in married individuals, humor styles, and basic psychological satisfaction with marital adjustment. The data of the research group were collected from 698 married individuals working in the public and private sector in 2018. In collecting the research data, Life Satisfaction Scale, Positive-Negative Affectivity Scale, Humor Styles Scale, Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction Scale, Marital Adjustment Scale are used.  In the findings, there is a full mediator role in both marital adjustment and psychological need satisfaction in the relationship between compatible humor sense and subjective well-being. There is also a total mediator role both in marital adjustment and psychological satisfaction in the relationship between incompatible humor style and subjective well-being. The results were evaluated and discussed in the context of theoretical knowledge.

Keywords: Subjective Well-Being, Humor Styles, Marital Adjustment, Basic Psychological Needs