Psychological Counselor Candidates’ Attitudes towards Gender Roles: The Predictive Role of Multicultural Personality Trait

Keywords: Attitudes toward gender roles, multicultural personality, psychological counselor candidates.


This study aims to investigate multicultural personality traits and attitudes towards gender roles of psychological counselor candidates (PCC). A total of 234 (156 female, 67%) PCCs completed measures of Gender Roles Attitude Scale, Multicultural Personality Scale and the Personal Information. Correlation analysis, variance analysis, independent samples t-test, regression analysis and mediation analysis were performed for data analyzing. This study showed that while attitudes towards gender roles of PCCs have a significantdifference in terms of gender, mother working status and place where most of life is passed, no significant difference was observed according to the grade level. Furthermore, multicultural personality traits were related to attitudes toward the gender roles. In addition, gender, cultural empathy, flexibility and social initiative multicultural personality traits explained about 31% of the variance in the attitudes towards gender roles of PCCs. Lastly, cultural empathy and flexibility had a partially mediating effect on the predictive role of gender.