The Mediator Role of Goal Striving Between Teachers’ Career Adaptability and Subjective Well-Being

Ali Eryılmaz, Ahmet Kara Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


In conclusion, the aim of this study is to investigate the mediating effect of striving for the goals of teachers' subjective well-being and career adaptability. 244 teachers who were determined by criterion sampling method participated in this study. Of these, 76 (31%) were male and 168 (69%) were female. The age range of teachers is between 26 and 62. In the study, the scale of striving for the goals, positive and negative emotion scale, life satisfaction scale and career adaptability scale were used as data collection tools. According to the results of the research, while the subjective well-being of teachers increased career adaptability, striving for the goals of this process was found to have mediation effect. Based on the results of this study, some suggestions can be put forward. First, the dimensions of the model discussed in this study can be used to increase the subjective well-being of teachers. Secondly, teachers with high and low career adaptability can be compared in terms of the variables in this model.

Keywords: Career adaptability, subjective well-being, striving for the goals, teachers