Psychometric Properties of Turkish Cyber Psychology Scales

  • Fedai Kabadayı Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Faculty of Education, Department of Counseling and Guidance
Keywords: Cyber Psychology, Review, Scale


Digital technologies have seen significant use in the lives of individuals, but despite the many contributions, digital technologies also cause some problems. Self-report scales are widely used in psychology to determine problems and have an important position for researchers and mental health practitioners. 167 Turkish cyber psychology scales were compiled, and its properties were examined in the present study. The research was designed using qualitative methods. Sample group of mostly adolescents and university students was existed in Turkish cyber psychology scales. According to the findings, half of the scales had adaptation, three-quarters of scales had adequate or good levels of variance explanatory power, and a cutoff point was determined for nearly one-quarter of the scales. Previous scales and the problem areas that do not yet have measurement instruments have been examined, and some suggestions are made regarding the scales and sample groups that can be developed for Turkish culture.