Is Fine-Art Activities Effective in Fostering Social-Emotional Skills On Primary School Children

Kerem Coşkun, Meral Coşkun, Ali Kolomuç Full Text: PDF


Purpose of the present study is to investigate impact of art-based classroom activities on primary school children’s social-emotional skills. Study group included 35 primary school children who study in 4th grade. 18 of them were assigned to treatment group while 17 of them were recruited in control group. Art-based classroom activities include 10 instructional activities and lasted for 15 course hours. The control group received curricular activities, the treatment group were instructed through the art-based classroom activities. Data were collected through Facial Emotion Recognition & Empathy Test and Ten Years Emotional Intelligence Test developed. Data were analyzed through Repeated-Measures of ANOVA. Result of the study indicated that  the art-based classroom activities significantly increased emotion recognition, empathy, and emotional intelligence skills of the participant children from the treatment group. Results, which were reached in the study, were discussed in the light of relevant literature and Experiential Learning Theory.