A Qualitative Study on the Investigation of Violence and Men who Inflict Violence from the Perspective of Men

  • Yunus Akan Muş Alparslan Üniversitesi
  • Binnaz Kıran


The purpose of this research is to reveal men’s attitudes towards violence and thoughts about men who use violence. The sample of the study consists of 19 men selected using purposeful sampling according to the maximum diversity method. The data used in this research was obtained through an interview and a semi-structured interview form. Coding based content analysis was used to analyze the data. Some of the findings obtained from the research are: violence is perceived by 79% as more physical. The characteristics of men who implement violence are perceived by 68% as being “unable to control oneself, quick to anger, impatient.” The social reasons for violence are seen mostly as “financial problems” (79%), as “psychological reasons” (68%), as “women’s hurtful words, provocative behavior”, and as “cultural reasons” (49%): “It’s necessary to beat someone up out of a sense of decency.” The findings obtained from this research are discussed in the context of literature and some suggestions, such as raising awareness about the types and effects of violence.