The Consultation Studies Conducted by School Counselors with Families

Abdullah Mücahit Aslan, Mehmet Güven Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


The aim of this research is to determine how the consultation studies with families are conducted by the school counselors and to examine the efficacy perception of families for this studies according to various variables. The convergent parallel design, which is a mixed research method, was used in the research. 20 school counselors and 392 parents participated to the research. While qualitative datas of the study were obtained by semi-structured interviews; quantitative datas were obtained using the questionnaire. According to qualitative results of the research, it was found that school counselors gives point to the fact that consultation services are important and necessary, the education related consultation is inadequate and they need in-service training. The results also include that school counselors often work with parents on issues related to attitudes of parents, adolescence period and its features, methods of efficient studying, communication in the familiy. In the quantitative part of the study, the results were obtained that the perceptions of competence regarding the consultation work of the families differed according to the parents' degree of intimacy, school level, education level.

Keywords: Konsültasyon, Aile konsültasyonu, Okul psikolojik danışmanı, Aile, Rehberlik hizmetleri