The Effect of Temperament-Based Intervention Program for Parents and Teachers on Social/Emotional and Self-Control Behaviors of 5-9 Years of Children

Yalçın Özdemir, Ali Serdar Sağkal, Nermin Koruklu, Melek Özdemir, Demet Çevik Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


In this research, the effects of the Temperament-Based Intervention Program applied to parents and teachers on the social/emotional and self-control behaviors of the 5-9 years old children were examined. In the study in which quasi-experimental design was used, a total of 60 teachers and 109 parents comprised the sample group. The temperament-based intervention program composed of 10 sessions was delivered to parents and teachers in separate groups. To measure the dependent variables, parents and teachers completed Social Competence and Behavior Evaluation-30 Scale and Self-Control Rating Scale for children/students. Repeated Measures One-Way Multivariate Analysis of Covariance technique was used in the analysis of the data involving pretest, posttest, and follow-up assessments. Overall, the results indicated that in the experimental group, anger-aggression and anxiety-withdrawal scores of the children decreased; social competence scores increased. Research results were discussed, suggestions for future research and implications were proposed.

Keywords: Mizaç, Mizaç temelli müdahale programı, Sosyal, duygusal ve öz kontrol davranışları, ebeveyn eğitimi, öğretmen eğitimi