An Investigation of the University Students Cope with Jealousy in Romantic Relationships in Terms of Certain Variables

Rumeysa Hoşoğlu, Seher Sevim Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


In this study, whether or not significant differences the ways the university students cope with the jealousy in romantic relationships were analyzed according to gender, deception status, number of relationships and duration of relationship. Descriptive scanning model was used in the study. The research group of the study has created 527 volunteer university students who have studied at various faculties of Ankara University during the 2015-2016 academic year and have been in a romantic relationship for at least six months. The data in the study were collected by using The Communicative Responses to Jealousy Scale and Personal Information Form. The results of the study showed that the ways used by university students in coping with jealousy in romantic relationships differed significantly in terms of gender, deception status and the number of relationships; while they were not found to differ significantly in terms of the duration of the relationship. The findings are discussed in the light of literature.

Keywords: Romantik İlişki, Kıskançlık, Başa Çıkma