Mindfulness in Teaching and Positive Characteristics in Teachers: Prosocial Behaviors as Mediator

  • Meltem Aslan Gördesli
  • Dilaram Billur Örnek


The importance of the influence of teachers on the development of individuals is often emphasized; It is accepted that positive teacher characteristics have positive effects on both teachers and students. However, it is seen that studies on variables that affect positive teacher characteristics are mainly concerned with intrapersonal psychological processes. For this reason, it is thought that considering the variables that may affect positive teacher characteristics in the context of interpersonal and educational environments will contribute to the literature on positive teacher characteristics. This study examines the mediating role of prosocialness in the relationship between mindfulness in teaching and positive characteristics in teachers. A total of 398 teachers working at various educational levels participated in the study. It was observed that the goodness of fit values in the tested model was within acceptable limits. Prosocialness was found to be a full mediator between mindfulness and positive characteristics in teachers. When the findings of the study were examined, it was seen that it is important to study prosocialness and mindfulness in teaching among teachers and teacher candidates.