Adolescents' Psychological Needs and Perceived Family Atmosphere during the Covid-19 Epidemic Process

F. Alkım Arı Full Text: PDF


The aim of this study is to examine the Adolescent’s psychological needs and perceived family atmosphere during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This research was designed in the correlational survey model, which is one of the general survey model designs. 684 (F = 389; M = 295) adolescents were reached. Personal information such as age, gender, the place they live, parents’ education level was obtained and psychological needs and moods data were collected using the “Psychological Needs and Moods Scale in Restricted Life” and data on perception of the adolescents’ family environment were collected using the “Perceived Family Atmosphere Scale for Adolescents”. According to the results of the study, when the psychological needs of adolescents and their anger-anger reactions are examined, according to variables such as gender, age, parental education level, family atmosphere, adolescents' anger-anger reactions, safety needs and needs to establish relationships differ according to gender, age and education level of parents’ (p > .05). When psychological needs and anger-anger response - perceived family atmosphere are examined, it is seen that the most important determinant of the perceived family environment is the need for relationship.

Keywords: Pandemic, Family, Adolescents, Psychological Needs