Adaptation of Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale to Turkish for Social Media Users: Reliability and Validity Study

Seher Balçı Çelik, Mustafa Selim Altınışık Full Text: PDF


When the literature is analysed, the gap in the researches related to STS for social media users is big. This study aims to adapt the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale (STSS-SM) for Social Media Users to Turkish, which will contribute to filling the gap in social media users. In the study, data of 708 participants aged 18-26 were analysed. Validity and reliability study of STSS-SM was carried out and its three-factor structure was examined. According to the findings in adaptation to Turkish, STSS-SM consists of a single-factor structure rather than a three-factor structure as in the original. EFA results indicate that scale items can be collected under this single-factor structure. In conclusion, based on validity and reliability studies, it can be said that the Turkish version of STSS-SM is applicable in scientific studies.

Keywords: Secondary Traumatic Stress, Social Media, Validity, Reliability, Scale Adaptation