The Relationship among Mindfulness, Sense of Uniqueness, and Hope: The Mediational Role of Psychological Inflexibility

Mehmet Sarıçalı, Deniz Güler, S Anandavalli Full Text: PDF


Hope is one of the sources of resilience that facilitates adaptation and coping in the face of crucial life changes and difficulties. Therefore, more studies are needed regarding hope and its predictors. Based on this philosophy, the mediating role of psychological inflexibility in the relationship among hope, mindfulness, and sense of uniqueness was examined in this study. A total of 352 undergraduate students (279 female and 73 male) from various universities in Turkey were included in to study. The results indicated that psychological inflexibility has a full mediator role in the relationship between mindfulness and hope and a partial mediator role in the relationship between sense of uniqueness and hope. The findings are discussed in the context of theoretical postulation and current empirical studies. In line with the results, recommendations for researchers and mental health practitioners are provided.

Keywords: Hope, Mindfulness, Sense of uniqueness, Psychological inflexibility, Structural equation modeling