Comparing Social and Academic Competence of High School Graduated Students in Turkey and Georgia

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Present study aimed to compare the academic and social competencies of secondary school graduate students in Turkey and Georgia. In this research, one of the mixed methods "Explatory Design" was used. In this design, initially, quantitative data was collected and analyzed, then the qualitative data was collected and analyzed to support the data obtained during the quantitative research process. The data collected in the study by personal information questionnaire and “Social and Academic Proficiency Perception Scale in Adolescents”. Independent samples t-test and multivariate variance analysis were done. In addition, the construct validity of the measurement tools that used was examined by the confirmatory factor analysis and the reliability of the cronbach alpha reliability coefficient. Moreover, interviews which were conducted in qualitative research dimension were decoded by content analysis. Briefly, results showed that there are significant differences between these two countries through the cultural and academic competencies.

Keywords: Cultural, Academic, Competence