Development of Accountability Scale for School Counselor: Investigation of Psychometric Properties

Zeynep Karataş, Yasemin Yavuzer, Özlem Tagay Full Text: PDF


The aim of this study is to develop a valid and reliable accountability scale that can be used to determine the level of accountability of school counselors. The study group consists of 494 school counselors, 298 women and 196 men. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was used for the construct validity of the scale. Cronbach’s Alpha internal consistency analysis and Spearman Brown two half reliability analyses were used as reliability analysis, when the results of exploratory factor analysis were examined in the study, it was seen that the scale had a structure with four factors (remedial services, developmental services, support services, preventive services) and this structure was confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis. Reliability analysis of the obtained scale also showed that the scale is reliable. The findings were discussed in light of the literature and various suggestions were made.

Keywords: Accountability, Scale, Evidence-Based Practices, School Counseling and Guidance Services, School Counselor