Investigation the Mediator Role of Sense of Coherence in the Relationship Between Self-Differentiation and Alexitymia in University Students

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This study is aimed to examine the mediating role of sense of coherence in the relationship between self- differentiation and alexithymia. The study group of this research was consisted of 303 university students 184 women (60.7%) and 119 men (39.3%). The mean age of the participants was 19.96 (Sd=1.87). All measurement tools used in the research were applied anonymously. Descriptive statistics, Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and mediation analysis were used in the study. The findings obtained from the study revealed that self-differentiation is positively associated with sense of coherence and that both self-differentiation and sense of coherence are negatively correlated with alexithymia. According to the mediation analysis, the mediator role of sense of coherence in the relationship between self-differentiation and alexithymia was found to be statistically significant.

Keywords: Self-Differentiation, Sense of Coherence, Alexitymia, Mediation