Logotherapy Oriented Group Counseling Program to Foster Forgiveness Flexibility

Tuğba Seda Çolak, Mustafa Koç Full Text: PDF


In this study, a Logotherapy Oriented group counseling program was prepared with the aim of fostering Forgiveness Flexibility. Within the scope of this study, Logotherapy theory has been utilized with the underlying thought that it will contribute to fostering the concept of forgiveness, which has become an especially prominent topic in the recent years. During the development process of the program, related programs and literature about both forgiveness and Logotherapy were examined. The program was designed as a process model including the components of decision making. As a result, a psychological counseling program consisting of 8 sessions was built. The program was carried out with 12 subjects as an experimental study (Çolak, 2014) and found to be effective in fostering forgiveness flexibility.

Keywords: Forgiveness, Forgiveness Flexibility, Logotherapy, Group Counseling Program