Examining Internet Addiction of Early Adolescents in terms of Parenting Styles

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The aim of the current study was to examine Internet addiction levels of early adolescents in terms of parenting styles. The sample of the study consisted of 382 parents (285 mother/ 97 father; Meanage = 38.9, SDage = 5.81, range: 29-57) whose children attended a secondary school in Denizli/Turkey. In line with purpose of the research, the study was conducted utilizing the cross-sectional design. Pearson correlation analysis was used to determine the relationships between the investigated variables and multiple regression analysis was conducted to explore whether parenting styles predicted Internet addiction. The findings of the study showed that Internet addiction was negatively and significantly associated with proactive parenting, positive reinforcement, warmth, supportiveness, and broadband positive parenting styles; it was positively and significantly associated with hostility, lax control, physical control, and broadband negative parenting styles. The study findings indicated that parenting styles had a predictive role in early adolescents’ Internet addiction level.

Keywords: Parenting styles, Internet addiction, early adolescents