Adaptation of the Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale in Children (8-14 Years) into Turkish Culture

Tuncay Oral, Aykut Günlü Full Text: PDF


The aim of this research is to adopt the "Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale in Children (8-14 Years)" to Turkish culture, and to conduct validity and reliability studies. The data in the study were obtained from a total of 385 students, 169 female and 216 male. The students in the study group were between the ages of 8-14 and the average age was 10.85. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to examine the construct validity of the scale. In addition, one of the validity analyses, the criterion-related validity method, was utilized. Test-retest method, corrected item-total correlations for scale items and Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficient methods were used for reliability analysis. In this study, confirmatory factor analysis results showed that the one-factor structure was well adapted as in the original form. The test-retest coefficient obtained was r = .72 in this research. The Cronbach's Alpha reliability coefficient of the scale is .82. In conclusion, findings of the study supported that the Turkish form of the scale is a reliable and valid instrument.

Keywords: Dysfunctional attitudes, children, validity, reliability