Interpersonal Problem Solving Skills, Anger and Anger Expression Styles of Police Officers

Emre Yılmaz, Meliha Tuzgöl Dost Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


This descriptive study was conducted to examine interpersonal problem solving skills, anger and anger expression styles of police officers according to their self-esteem levels, gender and period of service. The study group consisted of 503 police officers and a police chief who are working in Ankara Riot Squad Police Department and in five different Bureau of Presidency which is a part of the Turkish National Police. In this study, Interpersonal Problem Solving Inventory developed by Çam and Tümkaya (2007) was used to determine interpersonal problem solving skills. Trait Anger/Anger Expression Style Scale developed by Spielberger, Jacobs, Russell, and Crane (1983) and adapted by Özer (1994) was used to determine police officers’ trait anger/anger expression styles. Finally, to determine self-esteem levels Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale Short Form developed by Rosenberg (1995) and adapted by Çuhadaroğlu (1986) were used as the assessment instruments. The data obtained from participants were analyzed using Multivariate Analyses of Variance (MANOVA) and Tukey and Tamhane multiple comparison tests. Also, in order to determine the independent variable’ effect size on the dependent variable, eta squared value was calculated. In the study significance level was accepted as .05 for all analyses. In this study it was indicated that while the police officer’s problem solving skills differentiated significantly according to self-esteem levels and period of service, however it didn’t differentiate significantly according to gender. In addition to this, police officer’s trait anger / anger expression differentiated according to their self-esteem levels and period of service, whereas it did not differ according to gender.

Keywords: Interpersonal problem solving, Trait anger, Anger expression styles, Self-esteem, Police