The Effects of Social Skill Tra­ ining on Social Skill Levels of University Students.


In this research, the effects of university students so­ cial skilleducation on the levelsof their social skill ha­ ve been examined. The study was carried out on the 66 volunteer indi­ viduals who were attending to various branches of Ga­ zi Education Faculty during 1995 -1996 instructional year. Design of researchwas based on pre-post test ex* périment, and control group and each group included 33 subjects, Students social skill level was measured by means of “Social Skill Inventory" which was developed Riggio (1986 - 1989 a). Data analysis was done through two dimensional variance analysis on one factor for repe­ ated measurements, which is a specific form of varian­ ce analysis. In general, results showed that social skill educati­ on positively influences students’socialskill level Simi­ larly, it was observed that social skill education has considerable effect on the level of emotional sensitivity. However, social skill education as sub dimensions of so* cial skill, was no effective on the emotional expression; control, and social expression, sensitivity, and control.


Keywords: Social skills, social skills tra­ ining, social skills training program.