Burnout Levels and Coping Be­ haviours of Teachers

Songül Tümkaya Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


In this study whether or not factors of teacher bur­ nout were associated with adaptive and maladaptive co­ ping behaviour, had been investigated. The sample con­ sisted of 720primary and secondary school teachers. To measure burnout levels of the teachers, “Teacher Bur­ nout Scale" which was developed by Seidman and Za­ ger (1986 - 87) had been used. To measure the coping behaviours of the teachers “Personnel Behaviour Sca­ le" developed by Seidman and Zager (1986 - 87) was used. The results of the study indicated that there had been found significant relationship between teacher burnout and education degree, type of the school, year of the experience in the profession, and, the social- eco­ nomic levels of the students at school, variables. Furt­ hermore; the finding of the study showed that certain maladaptive coping mechanisms were associated with higher teacher burnout; while adaptive coping strategi­ es were related to lower burnout levels among school teachers.


Keywords: Teachers, burnout, coping.