The Relationship Between Paren­ tal Attitudes and Decision Making Strategies

Jale Eldeklioğlu Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


The purpose of this study is the investigation of thé relationship between the parental attitudes (mother-fat- her) and thé decisionmakingstraiegies. This research was conducted ön 500 students aîtëndingclasses at thé Ankara University, Faculty ofEducational Sciences and in the Gazi University the Faculty of Gazi Education during1994-95 Academic year. In this study two scales were used to collected the data. One of them was the “Parental Attitude Scale” which has been revised for the purpose and the other was the '*Decision Making Scale ” developed by Kuz­ gun. The Parental Attitude Scale has sub-scale named Democratic, Protective-Demanding, and Authoritarian and the Decision Making Strategies scale has Rational, Independent, Impulsifand Indecisive sub-scale. As a re­ sult of computation of the relationship between the po­ ints of two scales a positive correlation were observed between rational decision making and democratic pa­ rental attitude and a negative correlation between aut­ horitarian parental attitude and rational decision ma­ king. Also there is a positive correlation among indeci­ sive and protective-demandig, authoritarian parental attitudes. These correlations are significant at the level ofO.Ol.

Keywords: Parental Attitudes, Decision Making Strategies.