A Contemporary Approach in School Guidance and Counseling Field: Comprehensive Guidance Program Model

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In this study, a contemporary school guidance and counseling program, Comprehensive Guidance Program Model, is reviewed. Comprehensive Guidance Program Model was developed by Norman C. Gysbers at the University of Missouri in U.S.A. The two main reasons for presenting this program are that the program 1) heme a solid conceptual foundation and 2) be field validated through extensive and successful use in school programs. In the article, at first, the traditio­ nal organizational patterns in school guidance and counseling field, the historical development and the nature of the comprehensive guidance program model are reviewed. Then, the assumptions, the elements and the organizational framework of the program model are explained in detail. Besides, some recommendations related to practicing this program model in Turkish schools are made.

Keywords: Comprehensive Guidance Program, School Guidance and Counseling Program.