Individual Counseling for Dating Anxiety: Case Study

Ayça Saraç, Zulal Erkan Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


This study describes a seven-session psychological counseling process conducted with a university student who suffered from dating anxiety. At the end of the process, it was aimed to reduce the dating anxiety experienced by the counselee. To this end, it was studied using behaviorist approach and response techniques to provide him with the necessary relationship skills to deal with his dating anxiety. The results of the pre- and post-tests showed an apparent decrease in his dating anxiety. In order to determine the anxiety level of the counselee, the Dating Anxiety Scale developed by Kalkan (2008) was used. Accordingly, he began to feel less anxiety when making eye contact, behaving comfortably and naturally, finding a subject to talk about, speaking with a louder voice, speaking face-to-face, speaking without a quivering voice and blushing, attracting the opposite sex, etc.

Keywords: Dating relationships, dating anxiety, behaviorist techniques, psychological counseling