Evidence-Based Practices and Implications for the Field of Counseling

Ferhat Kardaş, İlhan Yalçın Full Text: PDF (Türkçe)


Rapid and continuous changes occurring in different areas in the twenty-first century, also increases the need for mental health services. With these rising needs, people's understanding of mental health services is changing and expectations about the quality of the given services are increasing. In this context, one of the important issues highlighted in recent years is "evidence-based practices (EBPs)” approach in the field of mental health. The subject of evidence-based practices is one of the subjects which have been discussed abroad for a long time and in which there have been significant developments. In this study, the concept of "evidence-based", its definition, history, content and importance have been dwelled on, basic discussion areas related to this concept have been handled and a general evaluation about the current state of these practices in Turkey and abroad have been carried out. In this context, various issues related the use of evidence-based practices in the field of counseling was examined, an evaluation about the current state was done and several suggestions about the use of evidence based interventions were offered.

Keywords: Evidence based practice, empirically supported treatments, accountability, research-practice collaboration